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Bringing your event online is our expertise.
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Building on your vision and audience needs

Digital, physical, or a hybrid live event?

Engage with your audience, start a dialogue, share knowledge and ideas, and exchange stories through a hybrid event. With a hybrid event you can combine the power of physical gatherings with the interactive capabilities of online platforms. For us, a hybrid live event represents a blend of meetings and experiences, and, with good technical production, it can even surpass the impact of a traditional physical event.

VIXY & NEP: Global excellence in media solutions

Winner of DIA & ICE awards

The pursuit of sustainability and the COVID-19 era have forever changed events in the corporate world, reshaping the technology and production of online and hybrid experiences. Our dedicated team of driven specialists, extensive technical experience, broadcasting background, and knowledge of the business market have earned our productions awards such as the Dutch Interactive Award (DIA) and International Communication & Engagement (ICE) multiple times.

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NEP The Netherlands

Collaboration with NEP

VIXY Live and NEP are inextricably linked. NEP is an international world leader in the technical realization and distribution of end-to-end sports, entertainment, and corporate events. NEP’s broadcast IT infrastructure is ISO-certified and uses a rock-solid fiber optic network. Our collaboration with NEP makes us scalable and flexible, ensuring the quality and continuity of our services day and night.

From ING to Philips: Why big names trust us

We work with the biggest companies in the Netherlands. Clients such as ING, AMSL, Philips, NN, and RVO collaborate with us for our well-established strengths: a robust and modern virtual live event platform that is continuously being developed, an experienced and dedicated team committed to client success, and a one-stop-shop offering direct access to a global network of suppliers, studios, and technology for seamless cross-border productions.

Leading applications for Hybrid and Online Live Events:
  • Employee Meetings (AMSL)

    Hybrid and online meetings enable AMSL to connect with employees all over the world, ensuring comprehensive communication and involvement.

  • Global Supplier Event (Shimano)

    Shimano can effectively unify its global network of suppliers, sharing the latest innovations and business updates whether onsite or remotely.

  • Global Leadership Summit

    Online and hybrid formats allow leaders from across the globe to convene, share strategies, and shape visions for the company’s future direction.

  • International Product Launch (Philips Hue)

    Via both virtual and physical presentations, a diverse international audience can discover the latest products from vanMoof or Philips Hue Signify in real-time.

  • Tech Conference & Hackathons (ING)

    ING unites developers worldwide for collaborative projects, exploring the latest technological innovations and tackling challenges in a hackathon-style format.

Benefits of hybrid events

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event perfectly combines elements of both physical and digital (or virtual) events. This setup allows you to reach and engage your audience both physically in person and interactively online. For instance, you can showcase speakers remotely and enable attendees to participate in the event online.

Tailored to your company’s identity, it combines the best of both worlds with all the tools you need. Hybrid events ensure that your message is powerfully presented in both the physical and virtual realms. In this way, your audience is addressed with the right content at the right time. You expand the reach of your event and engage attendees from all over the world. It’s eco-friendly, convenient, and both time and cost-effective.

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VLEP overview

Why hybrid events?

Moreover, the entire event and all its content are stored on our Virtual Live Event Platform, providing the flexibility to make it available at any desired time for revisiting highlights or on demand viewing.


✓ Effective Communication
✓ International Reach
✓ Creating Unity & Experience
✓ Cost Efficiency
✓ Flexibility
✓ Sustainability (less travel)
✓ Data and Analytics

Live event impression

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Our Virtual Live Event Platform: VLEP

Enhance the experience of your online event

Our Virtual Live Event Platform (VLEP) can be linked to any physical event venue or studio. It is an effective way to rapidly enhance the experience of a virtual event, incorporating realistic interactions between the presenter and audience, along with livestreams and video-on-demand options.

Keynote speakers and the audience are streamed to the virtual event studio where they can have real-time interactions with the presenter and speakers. Utilizing a stage, a dynamic LED wall, and a unique virtual Augmented Reality layer creates a lifelike presentation experience. You have control with the push of a button; you determine what guests can and cannot see.

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Virtual Venue VLEP
Virtual Venue Showroom

Transform your location into a metaverse-inspired environment

Within our Virtual Live Event Platform, we can transform your location into a metaverse-inspired environment in the form of a Virtual Venue, Exhibition Area with booths, or a complete digital Showroom. We offer standard packages as well as custom options.

In addition to any random location, you can use one of our studios during your hybrid event

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Bringing your event online is our expertise.

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