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Reach your audience in a digital, interactive environment.
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Inspiring and cultivating communication with your target group

What is the purpose of your webinar and what does your target audience look like? Every webinar production at VIXY Live begins with these questions. We listen, even between the lines, because your answers and ideas form the foundation for creating an impactful webinar. We then seek the key elements to achieve your goal. This encompasses everything from studio settings, lighting, sound, and visual imagery to interactivity, script, and external speakers. The combination and timing of these elements ultimately define the success of your webinar.

Collaboration with NEP

VIXY Live is inextricably linked with shareholder NEP. This international media technology company is a global leader in the technical realization and distribution of end-to-end sports, entertainment, and corporate events. NEP’s broadcast-IT infrastructure is ISO-certified and utilizes a robust fiber optic network. Collaborating with NEP makes us scalable and flexible, ensuring we can guarantee the quality and continuity of our services day and night.

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Our business is streaming yours

We collaborate with prominent companies in the Netherlands. Clients such as ING, Nationale Nederlanden, ASML, and RVO choose our services because we have our affairs in impeccable order. VIXY is a dynamic and contemporary webinar platform that is constantly evolving. Our experienced and service-oriented VIXY team thrives on every challenge, affirming that no request is beyond our capabilities. As a one-stop-shop, our clients benefit from direct access to a global network of suppliers, studios, and technology. This allows us to handle every request, no matter how small-scale or groundbreaking, from start to finish.

From table talks to urgent crisis communication

VIXY relieves companies of the burden of live production. Whether it’s intimate table discussions for a select group or interactive town hall meetings for the entire organization, we transform wishes and ideas into powerful solutions. VIXY’s efficient end-to-end video workflows are relied upon by clients such as ING, ASML, Nationale Nederlanden, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RVO, Shell, Harman Kardon, Alliander, OHRA, Aegon, PostNL, Basic-Fit, and CGI. These workflows are utilized both within the organization and for external purposes.

What can you imagine being included in this? Here is a compilation of video productions that the VIXY team takes pride in:

  • Ranging from intimate table discussions to urgent crisis communication
  • Covering annual financial statement presentations and analyst meetings to shareholder meetings
  • Encompassing product presentations to comprehensive content strategies (“Strategy As A Service”)
  • Spanning from boardroom to town hall meetings
  • Extending to large-scale corporate events and webinars, hosted either in our own studio or at one of NEP’s (studio) locations
  • Embracing online training sessions and fully interactive, virtual lecture halls

Reach your audience in a digital, interactive environment.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online broadcast, typically in the form of a lecture, presentation, or workshop. Webinars can be delivered in real-time (live) or prerecorded (automated) and made available on demand. Participants can either view the broadcast live or watch it later. This is easily facilitated through VIXY’s personalized and secure platform.

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Backend Webinar platform NEP

Smart webinar software for effective communication

VIXY’s intelligent webinar software simplifies audience interaction. Engage your audience with interactive polls, quizzes, and live chats. Passive viewers become active participants due to the extensive capabilities of VIXY’s webinar software. The VIXY Platform offers effective solutions for moderators. Through a unique link, moderators can respond directly to participants and can assign audience questions to each other. Our software is continuously evolving. We consider the wishes of our clients in the software updates of the VIXY Platform, ensuring you consistently receive the highest level of service.

Various forms of webinars

home studio set-up
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home studio set-up
home studio set-up
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Live webinar

Interactive online presentations broadcasted in real-time with high-quality streaming. Live webinars can be produced as standalone broadcasts or be part of a webinar series.

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Automated webinar

Prerecorded webinars broadcasted as if live. Audience questions can be answered through chat, providing viewers with a simulated ‘live experience’.

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On demand webinar

Make a webinar recording accessible online 24/7 for your audience, allowing viewers to watch at their convenience.

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A selection of worldwide studios

An international network of innovative studios

Through our partner NEP, we have access to an extensive international network of studios equipped with the most advanced applications. This ensures that you can count on the best technological support for your webinar, wherever you are.

Fully ecquiped corporate studio

Corporate studios at the Media Park

Our corporate studios at the Media Park in Hilversum can accommodate multiple speakers. If your speaker cannot be physically present, or if you wish to include someone remotely at the table, that’s also an option! The studios are equipped with three 50-inch screens set into the backdrop. The remotely operated cameras are connected to a central control room at the Media Park in Hilversum. This setup allows presentation slides, inserts, graphics, chat and poll functionalities, and external sources such as Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to be easily integrated into the broadcast.

Add a personalized touch to your broadcast

Virtual studio with greenscreen

Our virtual studios, located at the Media Park in Hilversum or at any other desired location, give you the freedom to customize the space, lighting, and decor entirely to your liking. By using a virtual backdrop, we can easily transform a green box into a studio that reflects the look and feel of your organization. Utilizing greenscreens adds a personalized touch to your broadcast, incorporating logos, colors, and a virtual screen for video and presentation slides or remote speakers. With this approach, you communicate clearly and consistently with your audience.

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