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Organize a professional livestream event with VIXY Live

VIXY Live takes your livestream event to the highest level of technical success.
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Building on your vision and audience needs

Livestream broadcast-quality events

Planning a large-scale corporate livestream event? Ensure that your online event radiates the professionalism and caliber of your company with ‘broadcast quality’ standards, streaming at the utmost level. At VIXY, we possess all the necessary ingredients for success, providing top-tier equipment, extensive networks, and years of experience to handle every aspect of your livestream event from setting up your dedicated livestream studio to integrating multiple (international) streams. Trust us to handle every detail and deliver a seamless livestream event experience.

“Never go black”

Every image must be crisp and clear, just like the story you share with your audience. We collaborate with you to craft compelling visual narratives that keep your viewers engaged. With our years of expertise, attention to detail, and use of top-tier equipment, connections, and platforms, we ensure your event is streamed at the highest quality.

Achievements we are proud of

  • 24+ years of experience
    VIXY Live, born from NEP, the oldest and largest webcasting and live production company in the Netherlands, leverages decades of expertise and a vast network of specialists to ensure the success of your livestream event.
  • 300+ events per year
    With a demonstrated history of managing over 300 livestream events annually, you can trust us to meticulously handle every detail and make your event successful.
  • 150+ countries
    Looking to engage with speakers and viewers worldwide? With VIXY Live, experience uninterrupted live event streaming across more than 150 countries.
  • DIA & ICE Awards
    We are honored to be recognized with prestigious accolades such as the DIA and ICE Awards for our contributions to digital interaction within the Netherlands.
How VIXY Live takes your livestream event to the highest level

VIXY Live has the experience, network, and technology

If you’re seeking professional live video streaming services, look no further. Although VIXY Live was only founded in 2023, our origins trace back to NEP the Netherlands (formerly known as Dutch Broadcasting Company and NOB Interactive). Since 1999, NEP has been a global leader in production, post-production, and distribution of major events and TV programs. This legacy grants VIXY Live access to cutting-edge equipment and extensive expertise.

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Your professional livestream in a fully secure environment

Concerned about the confidentiality of your internal livestream event, especially if it involved sensitive information or unreleased products? Rest assured, your livestream is fully protected and inaccessible to outsiders. Worried about unauthorized recordings? You can assign each viewer a unique watermark, eliminating any possibility of anonymous screen recording.

Livestream event versus webinar

If you’re looking to set up a professional webinar quickly, we’ve got you covered. At VIXY Live, we understand the distinction between live streaming a large physical event and organizing a refined, regular webinar. Webinars often resemble concise talk shows or business updates. Moreover, you can explore the opportunity to establish an in-house livestream studio at your location.

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Trusted by world-class companies

Join the ranks of industry giants that have come before you. For instance, we pioneered a revolutionary concept for Philips Hue Signify, elevating their annual livestream event to the next level. Furthermore, we collaborated with ASML to host the world’s largest fully virtual developer conference.

Our team is prepared to deliver excellence

How VIXY Live guides you through your livestream event

We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless streaming experience for your live event. With meticulous attention to detail, we oversee every aspect of the technical, creative, and content production.

  • Mapping communication needs

    The organization of any livestream event begins with understanding your message and target audience. What is the purpose of your event? How do you want people to feel? Working alongside our director and creative producer, you’ll outline the requirements and explore the possibilities for your livestream event.

  • Developing the technical concept

    After defining the ultimate goals of your livestream event, the director and creative producer will collaborate with the project manager or technical producer to review all aspirations and objectives. Together, we transform these ideas into reality while prioritizing technical excellence. This plan will be presented to you with a comprehensive technical concept.

  • Coordinating logistics

    Once the technical concept is finalized, we dive into the logistics of coordinating your professional livestream. The producer takes charge of structuring the program, ensuring the right team members are connected and everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

  • Enjoying our hassle-free video live streaming services

    Our creative, technical, and logistical producers maintain constant communication to ensure a seamless livestream experience. Sit back and relax as we handle every aspect of the production for you!

Interested in seeing how a livestream event comes together? Discover it here!

Get an impression of our livestream events

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Need a location? You can also use one of our studios during your livestream event.

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